Welcome note from Head of department, Mathematics

As department head, I join with my colleagues in welcoming you to the department of mathematics at Kyambogo University. We are currently running Bachelor of Science with Education and Bachelor of science in statistics. Please visit the programme section for more details.

Eric Bell, a Scottish mathematician, once said that “Mathematics is the Queen and the Servant of the Sciences.” I think this is a great way to think of the scope and power of mathematical thinking. The course units in our department are taught in an interactive way that allows our graduates to join any profession that appreciates their mathematical and critical thinking skills. For example, our statistics students are trained to design, construct, and evaluate techniques for analyzing data, which makes them resourceful in areas of business, economics, banking, epidemiology and more. And moreover, our trained teachers have an excellent placement record post-graduation.

Mathematics society: The department hosts the mathematics society, which is composed of students from the faculty of science, Engineering and more, as long as they have an appreciation for the use of mathematics in their programme of study. Members of the society carry out sensitization and popularization of mathematics campaigns in secondary schools but also organize soft skills workshops for the members. I therefore encourage students of mathematics to personally be part of the society for their own personal growth but also to publicize ‘Why Mathematics Matters’.

I invite you to browse our website and learn more about our department, the opportunities that exist for mathematicians and any upcoming events.