Education Background

Holds PhD Education (Early Childhood Education option), Kyambogo University; MSc Mathematics (Mathematical Epidemiology), Makerere University; MEd (Science Education in Mathematics) Makerere University and BSc Ed (Mathematics and Chemistry teaching subjects) Makerere University.

Operational Status

Full time

Research interests

Mathematics Education from Pre-school to Secondary School level

Current Research Projects

 Weaving the Arts into Mathematics to Enhance the Learners’ Competence: Experiences from Lower Primary Classrooms in Rural Uganda

Key Knowledge and Skills

Mathematics Education; Mathematics Epidemiology; Data Analysis using SPSS; Typesetting, Editing, Transcribing and Proofreading; Field Data Collection; Reviewing Mathematics Teaching and Learning Materials; Development of Tertiary Education Mathematics Programmes and Distance Education Self-Study Materials.

Community Engagements

Review of Early Grade Mathematics Teaching and Learning Materials


Tel: +256 757662372