Passionate Mathematician with a bias in Statistics and Probability theory and a researcher with over ten (10) years of university teaching experiences and over 5 publications in peer-review journals. A member of Applied Probability research in Eastern and Central Africa (APREA). Proficient in RStudio for handling data, LaTex for documents typesetting, Beamer presentation for communicating scientific results.

Academic Title & Responsibilities:

Assistant Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:

  1. PhD Mathematics-Makerere University, Uganda
  2. MSc. Mathematics (Statistics Option)- Pan African University, Institute of Basic Sciences, Innovation and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya
  3. BSc. Education-Busitema University, Uganda


Statistics and Probability Theory

Research Interests:

  1. Large deviation theories
  2. Applied Probability theories
  3. Survival analysis and its techniques
  4. Bayesian data analysis

Teaching Subjects (Currently):

  1. Elements of Probability and Statistics
  2. Operation research
  3. Statistical Methods for industrial processes.

List of Publications:

  1. Omwonylee, J.O. & Yang, X. (2020). General large deviations of longest gaps in homogeneous Poisson processes. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 489(2), Elsevier
  2. Omwonylee, J.O. (2020). Large deviations for the longest gap in Poisson processes. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 101(1), 146-156.
  3. Omwonylee, J.O. & Okello, T. (2017). Analysis of Continuous and Discrete Time-to-Event Data Using Parametric Techniques
  4. Omwonylee, J.O, Diongue, A and Odongo, L.O. (2014). Modelling Internally Displaced Persons’(IDPs) Time to Resuming their Ancestral Homes after IDPs’ Camps in Northern Uganda Using Parametric Methods. International Journal of Science and Research, 3(5), 125-131
  5. Okello, J.O. Abdou K.D. (2014). Parametric Models and Future Event Prediction Base on Right Censored Data. International Journal of Science and Research

Community Engagements:

  1. Chairperson DOC 2005 Sacco
  2. Sponsor Omwonylee football tournament
  3. Family saving group member
  4. A member to Lango community Tororo

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A Member of Applied probability research in Eastern and Central African

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Whatsapp Phone number: +256-751934666