Mathematics is a powerful tool with many applications. Advanced mathematical training can lead to many career opportunities, including business, finance, medicine, engineering, and basic sciences.

Mathematics is challenging, rewarding and fun. It is both logical and creative. Students who major in mathematics have a variety of opportunities. The mathematics major prepares students for traditional pursuits such as graduate study, teaching and work as an actuary. Students with a love of math find a mathematics major can be combined with a pre-professional curriculum or a major in the sciences or engineering to provide a strong background for graduate study or employment in a field related to mathematics.

Career possibilities for mathematics majors include:

  • Professional graduate schools, including law schools and medical schools, look favorably on applications from mathematics students.
  • Engineers and computer programmers need strong mathematical tools in order to do their jobs.
  • Statisticians are employed in both the public and private sectors in positions which require data analysis.
  • Actuaries provide statistical analysis for insurance companies and other large organizations.  
  • Mathematics teachers are in great demand at grade schools, high schools, and community colleges.
  • Business managers frequently have a strong mathematical background. Mathematics trains people to make careful analytical decisions.