Welcome message from the Head of Department

Welcome to the department of Mathematics and Statistics, Kyambogo University. The department, housed by the Faculty of Science, has a vision of becoming a center for academic and professional excellence in Mathematics and Statistics for industrial application. This will be achieved through generation of knowledge and skills in Mathematics and statistics that is applicable to the growing industry and hence transform society.
From inception of history, mathematical discovery has been a pillar to any civilized society and it has been in existence even in the most primitive cultures. Mathematics, also known as the language of science forms a building block for everything in our daily lives, including but not limited to, engineering, Physics, computers, software, modern and ancient architecture, management, sociology, art, medical sciences, chemistry, finance, sports, etc. Mathematics is the basis for the current rigorous and global technological advances because it the most mature and well-developed discipline.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, (formerly Department of mathematics until 2021), housed at the faculty of Science, was founded at the inception of Kyambogo University in 2003. The Department is committed to providing excellent teaching services with the aim of educating students so as to acquire academic and modern knowledge in mathematics. This is achieved through using the most latest technological advancements, within an atmosphere that promotes creativity and critical thinking. The purpose of which is enable our graduates favorably compete in the dynamical world. The Department desires to produce individuals who are able to mathematically define, model and produce solutions in all fields of science.

The Department is currently running two bachelors’ programmes including Bachelor of Science with Education and Bachelor of Science in Statistics. In 2022, the Department enrolled pioneer graduate students in Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. This programme is aimed at enhancing cooperation between industry and University, for economic growth and transformation. At both graduate and undergraduate levels, we have a flexible curriculum based on solid foundation courses that consist of theoretical and applied mathematics. The department supports all other Departments at the faculty of Science in all mathematical courses as well as facilitating key components of research such as scientific communication and data analysis.

The Department has vibrant team of professionally and highly qualified staff who engage in active research in a wide range of areas in pure, applied and computational mathematics. This is enhanced through collaboration with other relevant Departments locally, regionally and internationally. The team at the Department also engages in a number of outreach activities to promote mathematics and science in general and also subscribe to a number of regional and global networks.

Hasifa Nampala, PhD
Senior Lecturer.