Assessment of Courses

Each Course shall be assessed on the basis of a total of 100 marks with proportions as follows:

  • Coursework 40%
  • Written Examination 60%
  • Coursework shall consist of practical/research/project assignments and progressive tests assessed as follows:
  • practical/research assignments 15%
  • progressive tests 25%

The following additional letters shall be used as appropriate:

  • W: Withdrawal
  • I: Incomplete
  • AUD: Audited Course
  • AB:             Absent
  • ABS: Absconded
  • The pass grade point for each course is 2.0
  • No credit unit shall be awarded for any course I n which a pass grade point is below 2.0
  • Retaking a Course

A student shall retake any course when it is offered again, in order to:

  • Pass it if the student had failed before
  • To improve the grade if the first pass grade was low



On successful completion of the course student shall be awarded a Bachelor of Science Statistics degree.


The Bachelor of Science with Education degree shall be classified as follows:

Class                                                               CPGA

First Class                                                       4.40 – 5.0

Second Class – Upper Division                      3.60 – 4.39

Second Class – Lower Division                      2.80 – 3.59

Pass                                                                 2.0 – 2.79





Progression through the course shall be assessed as follows:

  • Normal progression (NP): This is when a student has passed each course taken with a minimum GP of 2.0.
  • Probationary Progress (PP): is a warning stage which occurs if a student:
  • Fails a course
  • Obtains a cumulative grade point average CPGA of less than 2.0

Probation is removed when the conditions above no longer hold.

Discontinuation from the programme is effected if a student receives:

  • The third probation on the same core course, or
  • The third consecutive probation based on CPGA.

Proper Grades for best Results